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Amsterdam! Who wants to go with me to Amsterdam for a weekend?

Hello my Beauties,

I would like to go Amsterdam for a weekend so I can visit this

It was in Germany a while back, I think it was last year. But I spend way to much money on 30STM to even think about going, not the mention the no job thing.
BUT NOW!!! I have a job and don't spend much money on anything. So...anybody??

I go there no matter what and it wouldn't be the first time but it would be so much more fun with a friend!

The exhibition ends on March 18th.
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Holidays means...time for friends.


How are you all? I am aware that I neglected you all big time. I am sorry.
I am still getting used to my new working schedule which is a bit of a challenge for there are rarely two days where I work the some times lol.
But as of today I have Vacations!! GO ME.
Tomorrow my spouse in mind kleinmeli will come to Berlin to stay the week. WWWWWWWWOHOOOOOOOO. But I will make it a point to come by and talk to you...if you wish for me to talk to you that is. ;o)
Life is kinda good at the moment. Some things aside I love my new job. I like to talk to all the ppl and help them with their problems, the team is cool and all in is great.

Two weeks ago I had the stomach flu. Oh the fun. This is one of the small things that is not soooo great about my new job. Too many ppl, too little space which means we all play table tennis with every bug, virus and bacteria there is lol I need to change my diet accordingly. ;oP

Mh, what else happened in my life? Mh...not much it seems.

Well, all is fine on the 30 Seconds to Mars front. The little Leto scares me a bit at the moment. He is...or rather he seems so sweet and humble atm. I can not work with this. I need the arrogant little dick back. My whole world order will fall apart if he keeps it going.

OOOOOOOOH, watched the best movie ever this year. INCEPTION! So far I watched it five times and maybe I will watch it one more time when my girl is here.
If you haven't watched it yet you should do so, you won't regret it.

Via tumblr I found the twitter of a really, REALLY disturbed "fan". But if you ignore the level of her mental instability you can have a good laugh. She didn't put her twitter on private so I won't feel guilty for reading it and laughing my ass off.

Some ppl are just too nuts to

My mom, the poor thing, has a prolapsed intervertebral disc! She has spend the last two weeks in her bed. :(

So, I will be off, and clean the flat. Mom can't move and I wasn't really home but the flat looks like a battlefield lol.

Love you ALL!
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Mr. Nobody BluRay *drools*

Just got my Mr. Nobody BluRay and since some ppl like to know I will tell you what's on it and what is not. And if it's worth its money. lol

The BluRay has the theatre version (2H18) AND a longer one (2H35) it also has a Making off (45min) a Photo Gallery, an interview with Jaco Van Dormel, Technique Modules, the Trailer and the french and the english spoken versions of the film. NO GERMAN!!!! I knew I couldn't trust that information I got on the internet.

- Theatre Version - same old, same old! ;oP

- Longer version - what I have seen so far is, that it gives a bit more insight in the movie. But I have yet to watch it to say more.

The Specials are as followed:

- Making Off - is in french without subtitles! I can understand a word Jaco (or any of the film crew for that matter) is saying. Damn. They did, however, not dub the actors. This, I have to admit, is kinda disappointing for all the interesting does not understand. Should have paid more attention in class it seems. My french isn't worth shit.

- 5 deleted scenes... (in one Nemo gets in a bitch fight because of a parking spot [sad, but kinda amusing as well] Elise Nemo) in another one he is kinda crazy and doing reckless stuff so just like in real life (it is the Jean Nemo!!!) both are kinda scary in their own way...for, at least to me, they show how mentally exhausted Nemo is in both existence...

- Modules - if I am not mistaken they are the small vids that already circled the internet, so nothing new...

- The Interview I didn't watch...can't understand it anyway lol

- Movie trailer in french and english

I adore the colors of this movie. The pictures. It is awesome. It is full of innuendos, every picture is a hint to something more, everything seems to have more than one meaning. Beautiful...

The DVD Menu alone is awesome. So, all in all, it was a good buy and I don't regret it. But, just to make sure I haven't missed anything (which I surely did at least when it comes to the Making off) I will have to buy the German version of the DVD as well. Should there ever be a German version that is.

Note on the side...BluRay fucking rocks. The quality of the pictures makes me wet my panties. I am very impressed so that was worth killing my last savings for BUT, yeah there is a but, I hate it that they put all the good stuff on the BluRays these days. I hate it that they pressure you to buy a BluRay player and the more expensive BluRay discs if you want to get the good stuff. Shame.

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9 Days!

That is how long I have my Dads old cam! 9 days.

And today the most horrible, sad and shocking thing happened! The cam broke. A little piece of plastic broke and now the lid won't stay shut anymore.
I have absolutely no idea how to tell my dads wife about this.

Good god. This is so, so sad. It brakes my heart. And I have no idea how to handle this. I am devastated. Absolutely and totally devastated.

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Mental Orgasm

Look what I got yesterday!!!

It may be old, it may not be digital but it still gives me wet panties. It belonged to my dad. My dad was known to buy quality. And I can remember he once told me that he had a small shock after the sales assistant told him the price for it...but he was already at the cashier so there was no turning back lol...that was my dad, barely looking at the price when he wanted something lol I asked his wife if I may borrow it and she said yes, for she does not use it anyway. After getting my grabbing little hands on it yesterday I told her she won't get it back till she asks for it. And all she said was "Okay!" lol

Honestly ppl, right now I am just so fucking happy. It still works like a charm and geez, I am so much in love.
You may all prepare to see tons of pictures "soon". I only hope the weather will change soon so that I may go outside with it.

*bounces off to play with new, old cam*
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21 days left...

...and then my mom will celebrate her 60th birthday.
I thank the gods that she doesn't have a problem with that. And not even with me being a little ass about and telling her that "NOW SHE GETS DISCOUNT FOR SHE IS OLD!!" when visiting the Zoo or some such. LOL

On her big day I will take my Old Girl to a nice restaurant at a pretty lake for some good brunch. Lets just hope the weather will be okay. Even if that means I see a sunburn in the near future.

I wished I could take her to London for some days but that is, sadly, not possible...but I will keep that in mind for her 65th. lol
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True, me thinks! Or not?

GEMINI - The Twin
Nice. Love is one of a kind. Great listeners. Very Good at confusing people… Lover not a fighter, but will still knock you out. Geminis will not take any crap from anyone. Geminis like to tell people what they should do and get offended easily. They are great at losing things and are forgetful. Geminis can be very sarcastic and childish at times and are very nosey. Trustworthy. Always happy. VERY Loud. Talkative. Outgoing. VERY FORGIVING. Loves to make out. Has a beautiful smile. Generous. Strong. THE MOST IRRESISTIBLE.

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Aufpassen und MITMACHEN!!!

Rockmusik kämpft gegen den Castingrotz! KÄMPFT MIT! 23. - 29. APRIL 2010: Die legendären LED ZEPPELIN for #1!

Superstars gibt es schon seit jeher auf dieser Welt. Wir finden sie in jedem Jahrhundert der Kunst, in jeder Klasse des Sports, auf jeder Seite der heiligen Schriften und - seit es sie gibt - auch in unserer geliebten Musik.
Superstars sind unantastbar, GROOOSS und verdienen jedermanns Respekt!

Seit Herbst 2002 verkaufen uns reiche Plattenbosse die lauen Lüftchen ihrer Abfallwirtschaft ebenfalls als Superstars; und zwar als solche, die alles je da gewesene vergessen machen sollen. Was aber, wenn wir nach Jahren der Schande unsere Geduld vergessen und die trällernden Schönlinge von der Stange wie "Bro'Sis", Mark Medlock oder Daniel Schumacher dahin zurück schicken, wo sie einst herausgekrochen kamen?

Obwohl Tenacious D. mit Tribute lange als Song für die Initiative festanden, hat Sony BMG sich erlaubt 150.000 verkauften Singles zu trotzen und lieber die "schlechte" Lage der Musikindustrie weiter zu bejammern. So gibt es nur eine wirkliche Initiative, und zwar die Vorlage zu Tribute.
Das ist der wohl größte und beste Rocksong aller Zeiten:


Wie machen wir das? Mit der Hilfe von UNS ALLEN und einem bekannten Prinzip aus UK, das vor kurzem für große Aufruhr sorgte, als Rage Against the Machine in Großbritannien vor dem Castingprodukt Joe McElderry an die Chartspitze stürmten!

Also bilden wir innerhalb der nächsten Woche ein umfassendes Aktivisten-Netzwerk und versuchen, durch gezielte gleichzeitige Käufe der Single "Stairway to Heaven" in der Woche vom 23. bis zum 29. April an die Spitze der Charts zu stürmen.