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Amsterdam and Alexander the Great!

I am in Amsterdam you guys.
It is a nice city, when we arrived it was raining but after we checked in (room wasn't ready though) it had stopped. We left our luggage at the Hotel and went straight here

I left my mom at the restaurant and went off on my own to enjoy this

and enjoy it I did. It was such an amazing exhibition. And they didn't "forgot" about Hephaistion quite the contrary. I, sneaky little shit that I am, managed to take a picture with my cell. The security was tight let me tell you. But I am made of awesome so security was non the wiser! MUAHAHAHA...anyway, what I wanted to tell you, on that picture you can see a text that says that "Hephaistion was the love of Alexanders Life!" I don't need to tell you that I spend the rest of my visit at the Hermitage with an even bigger smile on my face than I already had. Right?!

Afterwards we went back to the Hotel to finally see our room...I will end right here. Superior my ass! It looks shabby and I so will wash by hand for I rather stink like a skunk than use that shower with out anything on my feet. Also I have yet to figure out how that "free high speed internet" is working. It does not work the way it should! But it is just a room we spend little time in, the coffee is free, which I have yet to tell my mom about and the beds look all right. that is all I can ask for. Right?

Afterwards we went SHOPPING! And they make it easy here. They have to coolest shops with the most fun things ever. Most fun and useless things I should call it. LOL.

All in all Amsterdam reminds me of London. But the buildings are nicer here. Look...

I bought some cotton candy and will, most likely, sleep like a stone tonight. Also, I bought some socks. I adore colorful socks.
Later we will decide what we will do tomorrow.
Thats it for today.

See ya tomorrow.
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