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Ha, I knew it.

In 9 days I will step on a plane and visit Amsterdam. I was looking for someone to go with me since my mother said she would want to. I found a nice girl who was willing to go with me so that we could visit two Alexander the Great exhibitions. When I told my mom someone would go with me she looked at me like I am crazy for obviously I "misunderstood" her and she wanted to go with me.
Just to be sure I didn't make a mistake again I asked her if she was absolutely sure, it is after all a city and we will have to walk a lot. No problem she said. Okay, so with a red face and feeling like shit I had to tell that sweet girl that I we wouldn't go to Amsterdam together for my mom wanted to go with me.
This story should stop here. But guess what....it doesn't for my mom won't come with me. She has problems with her back, which I wouldn't even say I word about if it was a new. But it is something she has for a while. I asked her if she was sure and she looked me straight in the eyes and said "No problem, if it gets bad I just take a pill!"
So, since yesterday I try to find someone who is in the mood for a very spontaneous trip to Amsterdam. Maybe a fiend will come but I doubt it for her bf gives her trouble (which I can understand for I know the reasons) and I don't want to be the reason for them to get into a fight. So, as far as it seems I will to to Amsterdam all alone.
The joy.
But this way I can play with my camera, to things the way I want, listen to my music, and do everything just as slow or as quick as I want.

Oh well...


Seems I am going all alone!
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