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Holidays means...time for friends.


How are you all? I am aware that I neglected you all big time. I am sorry.
I am still getting used to my new working schedule which is a bit of a challenge for there are rarely two days where I work the some times lol.
But as of today I have Vacations!! GO ME.
Tomorrow my spouse in mind kleinmeli will come to Berlin to stay the week. WWWWWWWWOHOOOOOOOO. But I will make it a point to come by and talk to you...if you wish for me to talk to you that is. ;o)
Life is kinda good at the moment. Some things aside I love my new job. I like to talk to all the ppl and help them with their problems, the team is cool and all in all...it is great.

Two weeks ago I had the stomach flu. Oh the fun. This is one of the small things that is not soooo great about my new job. Too many ppl, too little space which means we all play table tennis with every bug, virus and bacteria there is lol I need to change my diet accordingly. ;oP

Mh, what else happened in my life? Mh...not much it seems.

Well, all is fine on the 30 Seconds to Mars front. The little Leto scares me a bit at the moment. He is...or rather he seems so sweet and humble atm. I can not work with this. I need the arrogant little dick back. My whole world order will fall apart if he keeps it going.

OOOOOOOOH, watched the best movie ever this year. INCEPTION! So far I watched it five times and maybe I will watch it one more time when my girl is here.
If you haven't watched it yet you should do so, you won't regret it.

Via tumblr I found the twitter of a really, REALLY disturbed "fan". But if you ignore the level of her mental instability you can have a good laugh. She didn't put her twitter on private so I won't feel guilty for reading it and laughing my ass off.


Some ppl are just too nuts to function...lol

My mom, the poor thing, has a prolapsed intervertebral disc! She has spend the last two weeks in her bed. :(

So, I will be off, and clean the flat. Mom can't move and I wasn't really home but the flat looks like a battlefield lol.

Love you ALL!
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