June 18th, 2011

black rose


Hello my Beauties,

finally, I have VACATIONS! A whole glorious week off. Awesome. Not that I have much time to be lazy and hang around uselessly.

Plan for the week:

Birthday. Getting older. Again.
Best friend comes do Berlin for a couple of hours brings other friend with her.
So for a bit more than five hours I will have my Baby with me. WOOOHOOO.
And I think my family is up so something. I heard them whisper earlier today.

Doc. appointment. Getting my test results. And afterwards I am off to do something with my mom. Honestly I have total forgotten what we are gonna do. Me=old!!

Visiting my Dad and my Granny. Well, their graves. Afterwards we, mom and I, will meet up with dads widow, get some very yummy ice cream and talk for a bit.

Some window shopping, a visit to the hair dresser for mom. Some more window shopping.

Going to check out a photo exhibition and afterwards we will go to the Natural History Museum. They ha a special exhibition there about the archaeopteryx! *rubs hands*

Sleep, sleep, sleep, eat, sleep, sleep, sleep!

What will you guys be up to??

After I finish this entry I will get my self some Ben&Jerry's Baked Alaska and FINALLY watch Tron Legacy.
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