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Look at the red red changes in the sky

hey there...

After my job nearly drove me crazy with all the shit that went on I decided that enough was enough...and I found a fine (well hopefully it will be fine) new job.
And I can't be prouder to let you all know that this Tuesday I will sign a contract with AMAZON!!!! Yes that Amazon. The one I spend way to much of my money is time they give me some of it back.
I am so excited and it sounded all very good. But one can say many things so I will just have to wait and see. I will do my very best stay with that company for as long as possible for obvious reasons. I mean...IT IS AMAZON!
I was so NOT sad to leave my old work. Surprise huh?!

That is pretty much all what's new in my life.

How about you?
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Hello my Beauties,

finally, I have VACATIONS! A whole glorious week off. Awesome. Not that I have much time to be lazy and hang around uselessly.

Plan for the week:

Birthday. Getting older. Again.
Best friend comes do Berlin for a couple of hours brings other friend with her.
So for a bit more than five hours I will have my Baby with me. WOOOHOOO.
And I think my family is up so something. I heard them whisper earlier today.

Doc. appointment. Getting my test results. And afterwards I am off to do something with my mom. Honestly I have total forgotten what we are gonna do. Me=old!!

Visiting my Dad and my Granny. Well, their graves. Afterwards we, mom and I, will meet up with dads widow, get some very yummy ice cream and talk for a bit.

Some window shopping, a visit to the hair dresser for mom. Some more window shopping.

Going to check out a photo exhibition and afterwards we will go to the Natural History Museum. They ha a special exhibition there about the archaeopteryx! *rubs hands*

Sleep, sleep, sleep, eat, sleep, sleep, sleep!

What will you guys be up to??

After I finish this entry I will get my self some Ben&Jerry's Baked Alaska and FINALLY watch Tron Legacy.
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Good news, better news and OMFG I CAN'T BELIEVE IT HAPPEN news

Hello my Beauties,

once again I didn't hold up my promise to come by more often. I am such a bad person. SORRY.
So I won't even start to promise anything but keep it nice and easy with a smooth "I'll do my best in the future" ;)

HOW ARE YOU ALL? What is going on in your life. Some of you had some health problems, I hope you are doing better. *looks at certain girls on her f-list*

But to the good news. Long weekend since there is a holiday on monday. I thank the universe for the Christians, thanks to them we have paid holidays every other month.
Better news, after only four days of work I will have vacations. For a WHOLE week! Heaven girls, heaven.
I can really use it. I am still kinda weak from my break down a couple of weeks back and still get awfully tired most of the time. Like right now. Grrrr. Oh well, soon I have off. Can sleep as much as I want and on my birthday my best friend will come to Berlin. Just for a couple of hours but she makes the trip just for me. I love her even more than I normally do, if that is even possible.
Work is getting better. Finally there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Is about fucking time.
My FB has been a lively place for the last couple of weeks. Not my doing though. I have FB. But know I am "friends" with half my class form elementary school. It is kinda weird.
Now to the OMFG will never believe this. I WON A FUCKING iPAD! And yes this absolute calls for caps for as some of you know, I am a Apple Whore with a capital W! This little thing is so cute. I wouldn't buy it but for free....for free I am in love with it. And at night, it sleeps right next to me. We even share a pillow.
Look! Isn't it precious.

It was just fresh out of its egg...uh, I mean its box. *wipes away tear*

It is one of the most useless things in the world but still so much fun to ...uh...fondle.
Me likes.

So, I hope to hear from some of you. Tell me what is going on in your lives.

Kisses and hugs all around.
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Amsterdam and Alexander the Great!

I am in Amsterdam you guys.
It is a nice city, when we arrived it was raining but after we checked in (room wasn't ready though) it had stopped. We left our luggage at the Hotel and went straight here

I left my mom at the restaurant and went off on my own to enjoy this

and enjoy it I did. It was such an amazing exhibition. And they didn't "forgot" about Hephaistion quite the contrary. I, sneaky little shit that I am, managed to take a picture with my cell. The security was tight let me tell you. But I am made of awesome so security was non the wiser! MUAHAHAHA...anyway, what I wanted to tell you, on that picture you can see a text that says that "Hephaistion was the love of Alexanders Life!" I don't need to tell you that I spend the rest of my visit at the Hermitage with an even bigger smile on my face than I already had. Right?!

Afterwards we went back to the Hotel to finally see our room...I will end right here. Superior my ass! It looks shabby and I so will wash by hand for I rather stink like a skunk than use that shower with out anything on my feet. Also I have yet to figure out how that "free high speed internet" is working. It does not work the way it should! But it is just a room we spend little time in, the coffee is free, which I have yet to tell my mom about and the beds look all right. that is all I can ask for. Right?

Afterwards we went SHOPPING! And they make it easy here. They have to coolest shops with the most fun things ever. Most fun and useless things I should call it. LOL.

All in all Amsterdam reminds me of London. But the buildings are nicer here. Look...

I bought some cotton candy and will, most likely, sleep like a stone tonight. Also, I bought some socks. I adore colorful socks.
Later we will decide what we will do tomorrow.
Thats it for today.

See ya tomorrow.
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Day Off

Got a day off today...need to go suitcase shopping.

Seems mom is coming. This on and off thing drives me crazy.

Oh well. To more days at work, and then...VACATION!!!

In may I will be aaaaaaaaall alone for three glorious weeks. My mother will be in Hamburg to get some treatment for her back. *rubs hands*
Yes yes I know I am an evil daughter...but I could care less.

So, I am off.

What is going on in your lives my Beauties???
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Ha, I knew it.

In 9 days I will step on a plane and visit Amsterdam. I was looking for someone to go with me since my mother said she would want to. I found a nice girl who was willing to go with me so that we could visit two Alexander the Great exhibitions. When I told my mom someone would go with me she looked at me like I am crazy for obviously I "misunderstood" her and she wanted to go with me.
Just to be sure I didn't make a mistake again I asked her if she was absolutely sure, it is after all a city and we will have to walk a lot. No problem she said. Okay, so with a red face and feeling like shit I had to tell that sweet girl that I we wouldn't go to Amsterdam together for my mom wanted to go with me.
This story should stop here. But guess doesn't for my mom won't come with me. She has problems with her back, which I wouldn't even say I word about if it was a new. But it is something she has for a while. I asked her if she was sure and she looked me straight in the eyes and said "No problem, if it gets bad I just take a pill!"
So, since yesterday I try to find someone who is in the mood for a very spontaneous trip to Amsterdam. Maybe a fiend will come but I doubt it for her bf gives her trouble (which I can understand for I know the reasons) and I don't want to be the reason for them to get into a fight. So, as far as it seems I will to to Amsterdam all alone.
The joy.
But this way I can play with my camera, to things the way I want, listen to my music, and do everything just as slow or as quick as I want.

Oh well...


Seems I am going all alone!
black rose


I wish you all a

You may also noticed a shortage of Xmas cards from my side. Well, my cellphone had a fatal blackout and while my baby is thankfully working again all my contacts stayed in the great beyond. So, fell free to send me a DM with your address, phone numbers and birth dates. It would be very helpful.

But not that you think I forgot about you all I brought you hundreds of

Have a great few days my Beauties!!!!!